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L129 Oil Level Swichgage®

L129CK1, L129 fluid level switches - click to enlargeThe L129 oil level Swichgage® is a combination level indicating gauge with adjustable low and high limit switches. It provides protection against low oil level through depletion or leak, and high level caused by oil overfill or fuel/water seepage into the crankcase.

A 6-3/4 inch (171 mm) deep sight gauge allows you check the condition and level of your oil without shutting down the equipment. Fingertip adjustable limit contacts, thru a 4-7/8 inch (122 mm) range, make it simple to set high and low limit contacts. If the float touches the high or low limit contact, a normally open circuit will be completed which can activate alarms and/or shutdown the equipment.

Model L129 (pictured above left) has a single-wire-to-ground contact (contact closes to ground on high or low level). Model L129CK1 (above right) has a 3-wire, insulated return system with conduit hub (i.e. separate outputs for high and low level).



Check oil level without stopping engine

Combination indicating gauge with low and high limit switches

Float operated

Use on engines, generators, pumps and compressors.


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