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PowerView PV101 Display

The next generation MURPHYLINK system, the POWERVIEW™ range provides advanced instrument and gauge solutions for SAE J1939 CANbus engines. Whether you need instruments for mobile or stationary applications, POWERVIEW™ is the solution for all your equipment.

At the heart of the system is the PV101 display module, designed to read and indicate engine data, fault codes and stored history transmitted by a wide range of engine control / management units (ECUs/EMUs).

Engine data and fault messages are presented on a large backlit display, in a user-selectable language. Large, touch sensitive control keys allow scrolling and configuration of the display, and acknowledgement of engine faults. Optional panel-mounted gauges (PVA or PVM series) may also be connected for at-a-glance, analogue indication of key engine parameters.

The PowerView™ range is designed to the highest standards of ruggedness and environmental protection - see specifications right. All modules are supplied with our standard 2 year warranty.


Summary specifications (PV101 standard versions):

Display: • 64 x 128 pixel display • adjustable contrast and backlight • 1-up or 4-up user-selectable data • English, French, Spanish, German & Italian language as standard. Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Czech and Portugese options. • Amber and red fault LEDs

Keys: • sealed, touch-action keys • adjustable sensitivity (can be used with heavy gloves)

Environmental: • IP68 (+/- 5 psi) sealing • –29 to +85°C LCD visibility • –40 to +85°C operation/storage

Electrical/comms: • 6.5–32 VDC supply, reverse protected • SAE J1939 CANBUS, ver 1 thru 4 • RS485 MODBUS RTU master/slave

Options: • PVA analogue gauges • PVM analogue gauges • Comprehensive harness system • Complete MurphyLink panel solutions


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